Ownpets Automatic Timer Pet Feeder, Auto Dispenser With Battery USB Power Supply, Two Ice Packs, 6-Meal(Each ½ lb), for Wet and Dry Food


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  • 6 Meal Automatic Feeder – This food grade BPA-free ABS and dishwasher-safe food tray consists of 6 compartments which cares for your pet’s health. Each compartment holds ½ lb. of Food and it works for wet and dry food.
  • Built-in battery Truly Wireless-Operate by 3600mAh lithium battery,Which can be used last for 25 days after full charge. No annoying wires nor dry battery replacement.
  • Freshness of Each Bite of Food – Comes with 2 Two Ice Packs which keep food fresh and make food last longer. The close fitting lid means you can prepare food for later without it going stale from air exposure and maintain the freshness and crispness of food.
  • A Reasonable Meal Plan – The auto cat feeder helps you personalize feed schedule. Schedule 6 meals a day 2 meals a day for 3 days or 1 meal a day for up to 6 days. What’s more You can choose between 24-hour or 12-hour schedules.
  • No Worry About Pet’s Food Supply-You no longer have to worry about your pet’s food supply when you go out for a short period of time. Let your pet enjoy up every meal even while you’re away.