Dorakitten 2 Packs Elevated Cat Bowls with Non-Slip Mat, Anti-Vomiting Raised Cat Food Plates with Metal Stand, Protect Cat’s Spine, Dishwasher Safe Ceramic Cat Dishes, Pet Food Feeding Station


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  • 【Prevent Vomiting Help with Digestion】 Each cat food bowl comes with a metal stand to raise the bowl to a comfortable height allowing your cat to eat and drink comfortably without straining the neck down good for easy swallowing to avoid vomiting and help with digestion a great choice to care for aged cats.
  • 【Protect Your Cat’s Spine Cervical】 The elevated cat dish heightens the cat food and water to a proper height of about 4’’ so that your pet doesn’t have to bend the head down when eating and drinking effectively reducing shoulder & neck burden and easing the back strain. Take our cat feeder bowls and give your pet a more healthy eating way!
  • 【Sunken Stand to Securely Hold the Bowl】 Featuring a sunken design that completely wraps the cat bowl from bottom to edge and holds it safely in place our cat food dish allows no food or water to spill on the floor keeping your pet area cleaner and neater!
  • 【Non-skid PVC Mat】 We provide you with a non-slip PVC mat of about 18 x 10’’ used under the cat food dishes to prevent them from sliding around to protect the fragile ceramic bowls from shocks and breaks while enhancing the anti-spill effect. The premium PVC mat has high strength and good scratch resistance durable and easy to clean.
  • 【Premium Ceramic & Iron Materials】 Our cat feeder bowls are made from quality ceramic material with exquisite workmanship safe for direct touch with food and smooth for easy cleaning. The stands are constructed of iron with an anti-rust finish to be sturdy and corrosion-proof. Reach out to us if you have any questions. We’re always there for you.