Dog Elevated Food Bowl Holder Set – Raised Cat Feeding Station Stand – Adjustable Height Pet Double Feeder – 2 Stainless Steel Water Bowls (Large)


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  • STURDY AND DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL – The stand is made to last for many years the bowls are made of polished stainless steel the stand is powder coated steel.
  • GREAT FOR PETS WITH JOINT PROBLEMS – Elderly dogs and cats often suffer from joint pain thanks to our stand they can eat from sitting with the bowl raised with good relief for their joints.
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE – The stand can be adjusted to have the bowls at the right height of your dog adapting to its size and age allowing your dog to eat in a natural position.
  • 2 SIZES AVAILABLE – You can have the stand either small with a height of 27.5cm or large with a height of 40cm so no matter the size of your pet.
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER FEET – The stand will remain stable while your puppy eats thanks to the non-slip feet