Dog Crates + Dog Bed – Medium Washable Mattress – Comfortable Dog Cushion – Warm Dog Mat with Anti-Slip Bottom – Collapsible Bed – Puppy Mat Pad Blanket Dog Cats Bedding in Grey (71x49cm)


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  • Comfort Made Affordable: Our dog bed made of soft and warm faux fur offers a cozy space for your furry friend without breaking the bank.
  • Easy Cleaning: Life can be messy but cleaning this bed isn’t. Simply wash it on a 30-degree gentle cycle with mild detergent and it’s ready for your pet’s next adventure.
  • Ideal for Dog Crates: Tailored to fit inside dog crates this bed makes the crate more inviting turning it into your pet’s favorite place to relax.
  • A Familiar Resting Spot: With slightly raised sides this bed provides a familiar and comfy spot for your pet to rest sleep and feel secure.
  • Thoughtful Thickness: While we’ve kept the design of our bed simple and the thickness moderate it doesn’t compromise on providing a cozy experience for your pet. Designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of pet life it’s a thoughtful choice for pet owners who value both comfort and durability.