Automatic cat Food Dispenser, Three-in-one cat bowl, Automatic Feeder Bowls for cat/Dog, Flat cat Bowls Water and Food Bowls Set Served with cat Food Spoon


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  • πŸ’–[Automatic water dispenser with rice bowl] Two-in-one feeding bowl design with an automatic drinking bowl it will automatically add water to the plate helping to keep the water full and clean and prevent cats from being thirsty and causing no water to drink . You can clearly see how much water is left in the drinking bucket. You need to add water to the automatic drinking bucket. Generally adding water to the bucket once can be used by a kitten for 2-3 days.
  • πŸ’–[High-quality pet water dispenser and food bowl] Automatic water dispenser made of food-grade plastic 1L large-capacity automatic cat feeder + automatic water refill design using the siphon principle can automatically replenish the water in the water bowl.
  • πŸ’–[Protect your pet’s neck] Many cats have cervical spine problems caused by bowing their heads for many years. The pain makes the cats reluctant to eat and it’s easy to choke when bowing their heads. This Cat Bowls with Stand can relieve cats or pets’ cervical spine damage The problem is a two-in-one feeding bowl that protects the pet’s cervical spine from pain.
  • πŸ’–[Safe and durable] For the safety of pets we designed a non-charged automatic feeder for the cat to remove the plug when you are not at home or make the plug play with the cat toy on the spot to cause life safety. Do you have any reason not to prepare sanitary environmentally friendly and safe automatic drinking fountains for your pets?
  • πŸ’–[Easy to rinse] The detachable cat bowl is very easy to remove every detail in the bowl. It can be washed with clean water and it is a must-have bowl for your pets safer and more hygienic.