2 PCS Stylish Elevated Cat Bowls l 15° Tilted Cat Food Bowl for Food and Water Prevent Whisker Fatigue and Vomiting l Stainless Steel Dog Bowls with Plastic Body l Anti Slip Pet Feeding Bowls (Large)


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  • Optimal Neck Alignment: The innovative design of our anti-vomiting cat and dog bowl focus on the well-being of your pets. With the raised base and tilted angles these bowls encourage proper neck alignment reducing the risk of strain or injury. Rest easy knowing that your pets can indulge in their meals without compromising their neck and spine health.
  • Lively and Safe Design: Our angled dog water bowl is not only functional but also visually appealing. With their oval curved surface and cute ear design they add a touch of liveliness to your pet’s feeding area. Rest assured these bowls are crafted with high-quality stainless steel and PP materials ensuring a safe and sturdy feeding experience for your furry friend.
  • Improved Digestion and Comfort: The innovative slanted design of our dog food bowl helps prevent digestive issues by allowing your pet to eat in a more relaxed position. By reducing the strain on their neck and spine it promotes better digestion and minimizes discomfort during and after meals.
  • Versatile and Functional: The single raised cat bowl is designed with versatility in mind. Whether you need separate food and water bowls for one pet or multiple bowls for multiple pets our set has got you covered. The 400 ml capacity of each bowl ensures an adequate supply of food or water for your furry friends making them perfect for daily feeding routines.
  • Easy to Use: These stainless steel kitten bowls can be separated or assembled you just need to rotate the bowl slightly the base and the bowl will be separated perfectly the bowl is not easy to stick to food and can become very clean as long as it is rinsed with water; The non-slip base can prevent the bowl from moving or tipping over when pets are eating